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Our Clients

Please enjoy a few stories about our clients as well as some notes of thanks from our clients. If you are facing challenges as a caregiver and are looking for a results-driven team to help provide options and recommendations that relieve the overwhelm and stress, please reach out to us, today, for your free 30-minute consultation.

Our client Victoria & her daughter Suzanne

When Suzanne first called me, I could hear the stress in her voice. Her neighbor had shared with her how we had helped their family with the care of their father and she knew she needed the same type of support.

Her mother, Victoria, was a wonderful mother and for most of her adult years they had been best friends. When her father passed away, her mother remained independent and lived in her own home for many years. About 10 years ago, her mom started to show some signs of memory loss and began to repeat herself and forget things from a very recent conversation. Suzanne knew this was concerning and so she asked her mom if she could go to the doctor with her. After seeing the primary care physician and going to a specialist, they learned that Victoria had mild cognitive impairment and as time passed, more symptoms and doctor’s visits led to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Suzanne had the ability to move Victoria into her family’s home. They had a separate living area that gave her mom as much independence as possible but also gave her peace of mind knowing they were close to each other.
This arrangement had worked well for them. It was challenging though and as the years passed it had become more challenging.

The symptoms her mother showed were numerous and varied. In addition to having difficulty with basic daily tasks such as dressing and bathing, she experienced frequent confusion and disorientation. She had difficulty comprehending complex concepts and following conversations, often repeating herself or answering questions incorrectly. She also showed signs of stress, irritability, and restlessness.

Suzanne felt confident that asking for help was in the best interest of the entire family.

We were able to provide stress relief for both by identifying and connecting them with resources, providing emotional support, and offering advice on how to best manage the situation. Through it all, we were able to help Suzanne reduce stress and improve the quality of life for both.

Help for my 98-year-old dad

Shana has given my Dad two great caregivers in Julie and Kristina. I have had many conversations with both of them in just the first two weeks. They are doing everything they can to help my 98-year-old father get healthy again after his fall. Shana has given me good advice on what we need to do and her help is greatly appreciated.

Care for April’s dad during his passing

Aging in Arizona was extremely helpful and attentive to our needs for our father’s care during his last couple of weeks. They were quick to respond and sent great people to help in his care. The caregivers were always on time, courteous, knowledgeable, and caring. We are so grateful for the affordable help!

Brad appreciates our approach

My wife and I want to express our thanks to you for being so loving and caring through our conversations. We felt we had such a good plan of caregiving for her when she got out of the hospital because of you. We knew we didn’t have to worry about that portion of her health care. You guys are such wonderful and special people. Thank you for being there for us.

A note from Christine

Thank you so much for having a tree planted in Bill’s name. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and Bill would have been so pleased to have a special tree planted in his honor. I also want to thank all of you for working with me to be sure Bill had the best care possible.

Patty shares a note of praise

Shana and her staff are absolutely amazing and irreplaceable. Thank you for what you all do and for doing it so well!!! I am impressed.

Thanks for the solutions for my uncle

I worked directly with Shana. My interactions, without exception, reflected professionalism and experience providing for a loved one’s needs. With the oversight of hospice my uncle was able to stay in his assisted living home. His funds were limited so we opted to hire a sitter. Although she did not provide physical care, she was a companion, able to summon assistance, and encourage food and sips of fluids during his waking hours. We started with 12 hr. shifts, which were filled by one person. For the most part the same caregivers were assigned. I was able to spend the week prior with my uncle, but was unable to be with him at his time of passing. This was eased by having experienced, in person and on the phone, the caregiver’s kind, compassionate, and caring attention given to my uncle and our family. We are forever grateful.

Susan & Allan

I wanted to write to you and let you know what a hard-working, caring, and competent care manager Shana is. She is coordinating the care for Allan. I am his cousin and medical power of attorney, and I live in California, so it is difficult to make on the spot assessments and decisions.

Shana has gone above and beyond the call of duty, as Allan has been hospitalized and now is in rehab. Shana has been in touch with the doctors, social workers, and discharge planners. She has been reassuring and a problem-solver related to getting Allan’s long-term care insurance in place, getting someone to deal with his medications, and keeping me informed about glitches along the way.

I am so grateful for her presence, and hope that Allan will be able to return home, with his caregivers, soon.

Our approach to multiple health concerns

Judy has a lengthy experience with navigating the medical system. She has multiple chronic care conditions occurring at the same time. Despite high quality care from her providers, the path is often frustrating and confusing. Being in her 70s, a good part of the difficulty has become her mobility and transportation. The “heavy lifting” has fallen on her husband, John. She uses a scooter to get around so he helps her get in and out of their van into the scooter and manages the ramp.

Some days, just getting her appointments coordinated takes hours. Waiting on hold, being bounced around to different schedulers, trying to make arrangements so that John only has to help her get to the offices and she can see all of the doctors in one visit. She is worried about the toll this is taking on him physically.

Managing medical care doctors chronic elder senior care in Phoenix GlendaleShe reached out to us, for a consult, to see if there are services we can provide that will help her manage her medical care. This is our specialty so she hired us to be her care manager. In the first meeting we were able to make a plan and help her manage all of the appointments and information. We were also able to set up transportation options to make it easier for John to go with her but not have the physical work involved.

Almost immediately she voiced the stress relief and we could see that John was relaxing a bit knowing that she was getting additional help. We also helped find a couple of care aides who could go into their home to help with some light housekeeping, errands, and food preparation. Judy & John repeatedly tell us how thankful they are for the assistance and say that it has changed their life. We are happy to serve their needs and work with them to lighten their stress. Even some of Judy’s ailments have lessened as her stress has lightened and the power of optimism in healing is evident in both of their attitudes towards their situations and challenges.

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