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The Henderson family had been struggling for months to figure out how to best care for their aging father, Tom. Tom was in his late seventies and needed assistance with daily tasks such as shopping, cleaning, transportation, and managing medications. The Henderson’s wanted the best care possible for their father, but were overwhelmed by all of the options available and didn’t know where to begin.

They learned from their close friends about geriatric care management, also known as Aging Life Care Management®. After doing some research, to find the right fit for Tom and the family, they found that Phoenix has a great selection of professional certified care managers who specialize in helping families navigate medical decisions and finding the right elder law attorney or financial advisor if necessary.

When interviewing potential care managers, the Henderson’s asked each one about their experience working with elderly clients, what services they offered beyond just basic medical needs management and any certifications or awards that indicated their commitment to quality service delivery. After careful consideration, they chose to work with Shana Hudson and Aging in Arizona. Her extensive experience navigating healthcare systems on behalf of her senior clients, along with being highly rated by prior customers, plus she was certified were all key factors in the decision. What ultimately made the decision for them was her warmth and responsiveness. They could tell that she was going to listen to them and help them every step of the way!

Aging in Arizona’s care management team quickly got down to work assessing Tom’s living situation and developing a comprehensive care plan that would meet his individual needs while keeping him safe at home as long as possible. Working closely with the Henderson’s every step of the way ensured that everyone involved understood exactly what services were required and how much it would cost them each month in order to provide quality care solutions for Tom’s well-being now & into the future. This included everything from regular check-ins with doctors and pharmacists along with organizing ridesharing services & even hiring personal caregivers as needed.

Thanks to Aging in Arizona’s expertise & dedication, combined with love & support from his children, Tom is still happily living at home despite needing extra help in his day-to-day life. The Henderson family are so grateful that they made sure they connected with the care manager that was the best fit for their family, because without her invaluable guidance things would definitely be more stressful!

Reach out today if you would like to find out how a certified care manager can bring immediate assistance to relieve the overwhelm and find the best quality care options!